The modern tax strategy must be both strategic and effective in creating value in an ever-changing environment

We bring technical expertise in U.S. taxation matters blended with the creative and insightful problem-solving skills to devise effective solutions for business and personal tax issues.

Companies need an ongoing tax strategy or a solution to a particular fact pattern that is effective enough to fully support business objectives and is an important part in the decision-making process at the earliest possible stage.  To assist our clients in developing forward-looking tax strategies, Kevin Wise employs a consistent methodology to strategic tax consulting. Instead of being provincial, reactive, and static (the traditional tax paradigm), our strategic tax consulting approach is global, proactive, and process based.

The importance of identifying, designing, and implementing a proper tax strategy or solutions is the value it will bring to a company through significant cash savings, increases in earnings, and the creation of overall value.

Our approach is designed to identify tax savings ideas, select those that support the overall business strategies, implement the selected ideas, and monitor their ongoing application and success.

Some of the areas in which we advise clients include:

  • Choice of business entity or structure for business operations
  • Restructuring an existing operating structure to align business and tax objectives
  • international tax
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Stock option planning
  • Accounting methods and periods
  • State and local taxation
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