Companies with high growth aspirations typically must augment a growth strategy with mergers and acquisitions

To realize the full business value an acquisition can bring, it is important that the tax consequences and considerations are adequately addressed in each deal. Quick decisions to buy without completing overall business, technology, financial and tax due diligence, may cause unnecessary delays. Worse yet, significant issues may not be discovered until after the transaction has closed, causing business disruptions and wasted money, time and resources.

We offer a range of M&A tax services to strategic and financial buyers to assist with domestic and international transactions.

Our M&A tax services include:

  • Tax due diligence.  The identification of material tax exposures of a transaction and ways such exposures may be mitigated.

  • Structuring the deal. Advising on the overall form of the transaction as either an asset or equity purchase and the design of a tax-efficient deal structure that maximize post-closing tax deductions to the buyer to the maximum extent possible

  • Tax modelling.  Assistance in forecasting post-deal tax benefits and liabilities in given acquisition models.

  • Sell-Side assistance. Sellers need help too. We provide advice on potential due diligence tax risks and how to manage such risks, advice on the tax implications of a sale of a business, including pre-closing restructuring steps and disposing of assets the buyer does not want to purchase.


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