Taxes are stressful and tax returns can be complex. Our professionals ensure that returns are done right and opportunities for tax savings are maximized

Our compliance tax services include preparation and review of our clients federal and state income tax returns. 

Our goal in reviewing returns is not only to verify that the returns are correct and in compliance with the applicable tax rules and regulations, but also to ensure that opportunities for tax savings have been identified. 

We consult with our clients on a proactive basis to discuss the impact of new ideas, legislation and regulations, and business developments to ensure that opportunities are addressed, not only when returns are reviewed, but throughout the year as well.  Consequently, we will ensure that opportunities are appropriately implemented and reported on the returns.

Tax returns covered include those for:

  • Corporations (including consolidated groups)

  • Partnerships and LLCs

  • Business owners and high net worth individuals

  • Estates and gifts

  • Trusts

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