We bring technical expertise in U.S. tax matters blended with the creative problem-solving skills to find effective solutions for business and personal tax issues.

Tax compliance

Taxes are stressful and tax returns can be complex. Our professionals ensure that returns are done right and opportunities for tax savings are maximized

Our compliance tax services include preparation and review of our clients federal and state income tax returns.

Our goal in reviewing returns is not only to verify that the returns are correct and in compliance with the applicable tax rules and regulations, but also to ensure that opportunities for tax savings have been identified.

We consult with our clients on a proactive basis to discuss the impact of new ideas, legislation and regulations, and business developments to ensure that opportunities are addressed, not only when returns are reviewed, but throughout the year as well. Consequently, we will ensure that opportunities are appropriately implemented and reported on the returns.

Tax returns covered include those for:

     - Corporations (including consolidated groups)
     - Partnerships and LLCs
     - Business owners and high net worth individuals
     - Estates and gifts
     - Trusts

Tax consulting

The modern tax strategy must be both strategic and effective in creating value in an ever-changing environment

Companies need an ongoing tax strategy or a solution to a particular fact pattern that is effective enough to fully support business objectives and is an important part in the decision-making process at the earliest possible stage.  To assist our clients in developing forward-looking tax strategies, Kevin Wise employs a consistent methodology to strategic tax consulting. Instead of being provincial, reactive, and static (the traditional tax paradigm), our strategic tax consulting approach is global, proactive, and process based.

The importance of identifying, designing, and implementing a proper tax strategy or solutions is the value it will bring to a company through significant cash savings, increases in earnings, and the creation of overall value.

Our approach is designed to identify tax savings ideas, select those that support the overall business strategies, implement the selected ideas, and monitor their ongoing application and success.

Some of the areas in which we advise clients include:

- Choice of business entity or structure for business operations
- Restructuring an existing operating structure to align business and tax objectives
- International tax
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Stock option planning
- Accounting methods and periods
- State and local taxation

M&A Tax Services

Companies with high growth aspirations typically must augment a growth strategy with mergers and acquisitions

To realize the full business value an acquisition can bring, it is important that the tax consequences and considerations are adequately addressed in each deal. Quick decisions to buy without completing overall business, technology, financial and tax due diligence, may cause unnecessary delays. Worse yet, significant issues may not be discovered until after the transaction has closed, causing business disruptions and wasted money, time and resources.

We offer a range of M&A tax services to strategic and financial buyers to assist with domestic and international transactions.

Our M&A tax services include:

Tax due diligence.  The identification of material tax exposures of a transaction and ways such exposures may be mitigated.

Structuring the deal. Advising on the overall form of the transaction as either an asset or equity purchase and the design of a tax-efficient deal structure that maximize post-closing tax deductions to the buyer to the maximum extent possible

Tax modelling.  Assistance in forecasting post-deal tax benefits and liabilities in given acquisition models.

Sell-Side assistance. Sellers need help too. We provide advice on potential due diligence tax risks and how to manage such risks, advice on the tax implications of a sale of a business, including pre-closing restructuring steps and disposing of assets the buyer does not want to purchase.

International Tax Services

Cross-border operations and expansion, including the flows of capital, people, services, goods and intellectual property, are infinitely complex

Our professionals help multinational companies minimize their current worldwide tax burden on business operations and implement tax-efficient operating structures for the future. We have over 25 years of experience in addressing complex international tax issues.

Whether your company is expanding inside or outside the United States for the first time or a company looking to restructure its international operating model, we have the experience in key areas of international tax including: intercompany transfer pricing; mergers & acquisitions and reorganizations in a multi-national context; earnings and profits studies; and inpatriate and expatriate tax services.  Your international tax engagement team has extensive knowledge in the area of cross-border tax issues and will be available to answer your questions, as well as discuss tax-saving opportunities with you. Increased cash flows, reduced effective tax rates, effective entity structuring, and efficient allocation of income and costs - these are just a few of the advantages that we help multinational companies achieve. Our clients benefit from innovative solutions and practices, realizing substantial gains in efficiency, value-added results, and improved processes and methodologies.

U.S. inbound tax services

For foreign companies and U.S. non-residents looking to invest or do business in the United States, we can help with:

- determining whether activities in the United States create a taxable presence, including under any applicable income tax treaty

- structuring the holdings of U.S. investments or acquisitions, including M&A services

- tax-efficient financing of U.S. operations or acquisitions

- Minimizing U.S. withholding tax

- U.S. tax compliance

U.S. outbound tax services

For U.S. companies expanding abroad, we can help with:

- Taxation of foreign profits before repatriation to the United States, including Subpart F income and GILTI

- Maximizing the tax benefits under the foreign derived intangible income (FDII) regime

- Acquisitions and divestitures abroad

- Corporate reorganizations

- Dividends and repatriation

- IP planning

- U.S. and foreign tax compliance

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